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Free Sets of Awesome Social Networking Icons

Social networking sites and services are, no doubt, so popular nowadays. And each of which has their own logo or icon to identify or promote themselves. Meanwhile, a lot of designers have also redesigned such social media icons into different versions. That's why you will find that such social media icons can have so many variations—of course, based on the original icons. Usually the difference you would notice is the new ambiance of the icons
You will also find that with enough imagination and creativity you can remake such icons into sophisticated and gorgeous icons. I don't want to prolong this much so that you may now enjoy the free sets of awesome social networking icons I have found on the web. Have fun!
Social Buzz Icon PackThis pack is free to be used in personal and commercial projects. The pack includes 12 superbly glossy icons of some of the popular social networking sites. These icons are distributed in PNG format with 256x256 resolution.
Vector 3D Social IconsA 3D vector social icon set which is fully editable since it includes an .AI format which you can scale to any size you want. It also comes in .PNG format at 256*256px resolution. There are 10 icons for popular social media services in set.
Social Lego: Vector Social Icons SetSocial Lego is inspired from the popular construction toys of Lego. The set actually has 20 icons which have a Lego-like texture. It comes in .PNG and .AI vector formats where you can modify them in any size you wish.
Socialis 2 - FreebieSocialis 2 is an improved version of Socialis. This beautiful set contains icons from 14 social networking sites. Each icon has 4 different versions available. The best thing about this set is it's FREE!
Starry Site v1Starry Site includes 16 social media icons with layered PSD. Available in sizes like: 132x127 (in PSD format) and 68x65 (in PNG format).
LinkDeck Icon PackThis icon pack by LinkDeck is free to be used for both personal and commercial projects. Available in 5 sizes such as 16x16, 32x32, 64x64, 128x128 and 256x256. It includes 60 different icons of famous social services. It is also in .PNG format.
Matte White Square IconsThe pack contains 54 social media icons with two different styles, thus a total of 108 icons. The icons are in PNG format.
Social Network IconsThe designer of this free shiny social icon set had only made five icons for the following social media sites namely Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter and Delicious. But it comes in superb 500x500 resolution in .PNG format.
SocialShift Icon SetThe icon set has 82 icons in .PNG format of various social networking sites in sizes like: 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64.
Social 2 DuoThe set is comprised of popular social networking icons integrated with a "dual core technology" design. The set contains 10 Royalty-Free icons that can be used for personal and commercial purposes.
Squared Social Icon SetThis is free for personal use only. Icons in set are 78 in total. And available in both PNG and PSD file formats.
25 Free Social Networking IconAs the name says, the package contains 25 social media icons. It is also available in PNG format. (Note: Official Download link for the package was broken, so please refer to the first comment of its post for the new download link.)
Social Media IconsAn icon pack that contains 17 high resolution social icons at 600x600px all in .PNG format.
Free 3D social media icon set #1These awesome 3D social media icons were created by Aji Designs. The package was released in three icon sets. With .PNG as file format. Undeniably these 3D icons are so stunning. The designer was so keen in polishing every detail. And the best thing about this icon set is that it's free!
Free 3D social media icon set #2 Free 3D social media icon set #3 Social-Media Iconset – PriceTag StyleA total of 18 social media icons are in this package. It is available in two sizes (250×150 & 125×75) of PNG 24-bit format. And the PSD file is also included. Thus you may customize the icons however you want.
Furry Cushions Social IconsThis cuddly social icon pack is a set of 6 transparent .PNG social icons. It comes in four different sizes: 48x48, 64x64, 128x128 and 256x256.
Beer Cap Social IconsFeatured in three sizes: 48x48, 64x64 and 128x128. And all in PNG format.
Old Bottle Crowns The good news is that it can be used in both personal and commercial purposes. You can find 20 social media icons in the package. These grungy-looking icons are in 200*200px PNG format which you can easily resize.
Worn-out Soda Cans Social Media Icon PackWorn-out Soda Cans Social Media Icon Pack features 24 icons from your favorite social networking sites. Inside are 200x200 transparent PNG icons.
Extreme Grunge Social Media Garments Icons PackThe pack is high quality icon set of 20 grunge-looking social media icons. Icons are free for both personal and commercial use. They are in a transparent .PNG format with a 256x256 resolution.
Social Trucks IconsSocial Trucks Icons pack consists of 10 super-sized 512x512 social media icons in PNG format.
And here's a closer look at one of its icons:
Freestyle and Square, Two Free Social Media Icon SetsA prestigious icon set that includes 28 icons featuring all of the major social media services and applications. This is free for personal and commercial use but may not be modified, sold or redistributed. Icons are in .PNG format and come in sizes like 24x24, 48x48 and 60x60.
Bevel Dark Social IconsAnother free icon pack entitled Bevel Dark Social Icons. The icon pack consists of 10 logos of few of the most popular social bookmarking sites. It is in PNG format and sizes range from 64x64 to as big as 512x512 resolution. Bevel Dark is best on websites with dark themes, where it will surely blend.
Jet Black Social Media Icon SetFeatures icons from 30 popular social networking sites. This free icon set comes in three sizes: 32x32, 64x64 and 128x128. And available in PNG format.
CS Social Icons – Elegancy Speaks!This classy social icon set includes 15 icons of social media sites like: Blogger/Blogspot , Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Design float, Linkedin, Mixx, Myspace, RSS, Technorati, Twitter, WordPress, and Yahoo. Available sizes are 32x32, 64x64 and 100x100. These are all in .PNG format. (Note: I think chethstudios.net is having a server issue now, so for the meantime, you may go straight ahead to its Download Link.)
Social Bookmarking Vector IconsThis glossy icon set is both available in .PNG format. It also includes an .EPS file which you can freely scale according to your preferred size. This is free for private and commercial use.
High Detail Social IconsThis super glossy icon set contains 40 social media icons all in 256x256 size with PNG format. And it's free for download!
Social CubesSocial Cubes icon pack features 18 high quality icons available in both .JPG and .AI formats for perfect flexibility. With a huge 512x512 resolution.
Yammy Social Media Icons SetThese "yummy" icons are free for personal and commercial use. It was released in .PNG format. The set includes 15 social media icons.
3D Statuette Social Bookmarking IconsThe set is comprised of 3D social bookmarking icons that are designed to look like statuettes. The icons have a size as big as 435*424px which has a transparent PNG format and can be resized to your preferred scale.
Robotic Social Media Icons SetThe set comes in PNG format at 48px, 64px and 128px resolutions. Actually this set has also included images of the robots where they are not attached to any social icon. Therefore you can do a mix-and-match approach like you can pair a robot to another social icon.
SocialCleanSocialClean is another free to use icon pack. Also available in different sizes.
Premium Quality Free Social Network Icon PackThe set contains 128x128, 256x256 and 500x500 icons. It comes in .PNG format. (Note: I think chethstudios.net is having a server issue now, so for the meantime, you may go straight ahead to its Download Link.)

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