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EveryLock Versi for Blackberry – Protect Application and File With Password

The best solution for locking various things.  EveryLock locks your applications, keyboard/screen, emails, folders, files, SMS and MMS.
Features :

  • Three built-in password lock themes
  • 2 built-in screen lock themes ( touch)
  • Download more themes with wi-fi on
  • Hides from “Switch Application”
  • Entry Method into EveryLock
  • BlackBerry® Menu Item
  • A hidden key
  • Locks Single Emails or Emails by Contact
  • Password protect viewing and sending
  • Protect your SMS and MMS
  • Password protect sending
  • Password protect SMS app
  • Locks native and third-party apps
  • Automatically produces a clean list of native and third-party applications.
  • Locks BlackBerry® Messenger ,MSN,Yahoo,Facebook etc
  • Lock All /Unlock All Key
  • Option to lock universal search
  • Locks whole folders or individual files
  • Hides and Compresses the files making them unviewable
  • A built-in file explorer is included that allows you to view the locked files within the application without having to unlock the file.
  • Can view audio,video,pictures and other types of files
  • Not compatible with files that have an “.rem” extension
  • 100% Safe and DOES NOT DELETE FILES(Contact me if you think so)
  • Has a built-in screen/keyboard locker
Lock/Unlock when :
  1. Usb IN/OUT
  2. Backlight ON/OFF
  3. Slider OPEN/CLOSED
  5. Holster IN/OUT
  6. Time
  7. Startup
Ask for password
  • Anti-Uninstall protection
  • The only locking application that can’t be uninstalled through normal means, once you enable the option under Settings/General.
  • Optimized battery usage
Q. I can’t find EveryLock, where is it?
A. There is no icon for EveryLock.When you press your BlackBerry® Menu key and the menu appears at the lower left (which has other menu items such as “Switch Application” or “Open Tray”), do you see “Open EveryLock”?
Download OTA :

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